ernmander (ernmander@mastomo.online)

Do 30.11.2023 10:53:41

The @Vivaldi browser really does complement the @elementary desktop so much so it’s my default browser on elementaryOS

Lucens Lampyris :vivaldi_red: (glowingfirefly@social.vivaldi.net)

Di 28.11.2023 02:52:20

Trying to choose your favorite for icon…

Arp Laszlo β€’ Comics β€’ ADHD (ArpComics@hachyderm.io)

Sa 25.11.2023 23:29:31

Anyone else having issues with on where it briefly hangs when clicking any link to upload a file? I couldn't upload an avatar to my profile here, nor could I upload plugins to .

says it's up to date (6.4.3160.44), but before I disable my extensions for trouble shooting I figure I'd check and see if this was an issue for anyone else.

Joshua Strobl :verified: (me@joshuastrobl.social)

Sa 18.11.2023 12:00:51

ICYMI: @Vivaldi is now on thanks to the work by Vivaldi team member @ruario. It's currently considered "not officially endorsed or supported by Vivaldi Technologies" but hopefully we will see that change and become the preferred way of getting on in the future? That'd be pretty dope!

Either way, one less layered package on my install, so I'll consider that a win!

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Fernandez-Cartoons (fernandez@troet.cafe)

Fr 17.11.2023 02:58:13


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Nordnick 🐘 (nick)

Mi 15.11.2023 15:05:21


Looks like you get congratulations on your first instance birthday...

... but... i just checked, that i started my statistics on social.vivaldi.net already on the 13th of November 2022... :-)



And btw.: Congrats also to reach more than 40k registered users! ;-)

η¬Ή :vivaldi_blue: (sasakei31@social.vivaldi.net)

Mi 15.11.2023 01:54:45

γ‚γ‚‰γŸγ‚γΎγ—γ¦1ε‘¨εΉ΄γŠγ‚γ§γ¨γ†γ‚γ‚ŠγŒγ¨γ† :tony_smirking:

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Andrew Myers (am2605@social.vivaldi.net)

Do 09.11.2023 21:48:31

I'm actually a bit underwhelmed that I'm on the Vivaldi instance and have posted a couple of recent messages tagged and get exactly 0 engagement.

Suchi (suchita@social.vivaldi.net)

Di 07.11.2023 03:18:24

@Vivaldi Awesome iOS browser. It made me switch my default on desktop to vivaldi as well.

Alexey Skobkin (skobkin@lor.sh)

Mo 06.11.2023 12:59:16

I've just remembered one major thing that was bothering me in @Vivaldi for quite some time.

It's about how address bar auto-complete feature is working for some time.

Right after release and for several years everything was fine and I've used it like any other browser and was very glad about how it worked.

But some time ago (a ~year?) they changed something in the algorithm and since then MOST of good experience with address bar is broken.

I didn't try to research what exactly is wrong yet because I mostly use speed dial, but when I'm not it's frustrating.

Here's one of my scenario examples:

1. I want to open Google Translate.
2. It's in the history and it's the most popular resource which starts with "tra" in my history.
3. I type "tra" and it's not even there.
4. I type "tran" and there's still nothing helpful. See screenshot 1.
5. Only when I type "transl" Google Translate will be selected as default autocomplete option and I could hit enter to go there.

I've tried to rearrange drop-down menu priority in Settings -> Address Bar, but it couldn't return me the same experience I had before THAT update.

One more ridiculous example I experienced some time ago. I have my own Gitea where I store my source code.

I was talking with @blue about configuring self-hosted CI for our repositories and opened Vivaldi to show him example from my repos.

1. I typed "git."
2. I've got @blue's Gitea as default choice instead of mine. See screenshot 2.

And it's still there! I didn't need to visit Blue's Gitea first to make Vivaldi suggest it by default.

It's like Vivaldi continuously tries to make me angry with it's autocomplete suggestions by making me type more to get what I need.

It's not something that'll make me switch from Vivaldi right away, but it's very frustrating. Especially considering the fact that before some specific update it was working perfectly for me.

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