Nordnick 🐘

Nordnick 🐘 (@nick)

Whalebird · Fr 12.04.2024 13:01:14

Hi @IceCubesApp@mastodon.online

Maybe @P0llyticks@norden.social and me just have discovered an issue in .

Your app offers a special option to add more than one reply, right?

And removes the mentions, as it looks like? To avoid duplicate notifications, i would assume.

And now to the issue: is doing this removal of mentions also on posts with visibility "mentions only" (aka direct). This then leads to a post, that is only visible to the creator of it. More or less useless, if you don't want to talk to your self... ;-)

Could you confirm and maybe fix this?

Thanks in advance.



nSonic (@nSonic@troet.cafe)

Föderation DE Di 02.04.2024 07:16:55

Again and again @ivory - in I see this Problem a lot. A posting with a short video clip. In Ivory I see just a gray area. If I tap it, I get a black (empty) player. Nothing plays.

I tap the share icon and select „open in Mona“ - I see the posting with a preview of that video. If I tap it, it instantly plays.

Don’t tell me it’s the server/instance or something. This works in and and I could check the older toot! If I need to. Only with ivory i see this problem.

In ivory: no preview of the video; tapping it just shows a black screen with player controls but nothing is playing.

After I selected „open in Mona“ from the Ivory share menu: Preview is there and tapping it is playing the clip just fine.

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Taffer :godot: 🇨🇦

Taffer :godot: 🇨🇦 (@Taffer@mastodon.gamedev.place)

Föderation EN Di 19.03.2024 14:16:41

Just sent @IceCubesApp $0.99 via the App Store, and $20 via GitHub Sponsors (they don't take a 30% cut). 🥳


Fedi:Tagestipp/tröt (@tagestipp@mastodonium.de) Bot

Föderation DE Do 29.02.2024 17:40:57


Die App IceCubes für ist "Open Source" und nutzt die --, um sich mit Konten auf kompatiblen Instanzen zu verbinden. Hauptentwickler ist Thomas Ricouard.

Laut eigenen Angaben gilt die innerhalb der -Welt als "Multiplattform": Sie läuft unter , , und demnächst .

Website des Projekts (Code-Repository):

IceCubes im Fediverse:

Logo/Avatar von IceCubes

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ukmac :apple_inc:

ukmac :apple_inc: (@ukmac@twit.social)

Föderation EN Fr 19.01.2024 19:13:29

Think I might have to change Mastodon client. Using but getting frustrated that it’s so hard to hit the boost icon @IceCubesApp

Thomas Kahle

Thomas Kahle (@tomkalei@machteburch.social)

Föderation EN Di 02.01.2024 14:10:26

Hi @IceCubesApp,
Is it possible (on ?) to open mastodon links directly in IceCubes? What would that take?

Currently, if I click on mastodon.online/@IceCubesApp on the Mac, it opens the browser on mastodon.online. I would like to open IceCubes and view that account from my instance, so that I can directly interact with the account. Would be a

Nordnick 🐘

Nordnick 🐘 (@nick)

Tusky DE Mi 22.11.2023 15:50:55



I'm working on my own server software... and i try to use with it (with help from someone with an device, as i'm using ).

Suddenly it seems to stop working totally, claiming something like "instance not supported".

How do IceCubes identify supported instances (and supported features)?

I saw something (in the source) like parsing the version number, given by /api/v1/instance... but do you (for example) check also the value given in the header field "Server"?




oftencalledcathy (@oftencalledcathy@mastodon.ie)

Föderation EN Do 02.11.2023 09:57:16

Since the latest iOS update, notifications from the or apps, plus the advanced web interface, knock off any radio app that I’m using. Any ideas? Or is a fix being prepared?


Martin :verified_coffee: :tux:

Martin :verified_coffee: :tux: (@MartinWdd@troet.cafe)

Föderation DE Do 31.08.2023 08:26:54

Welche Apps für nutzt Ihr auf dem Handy? Ich nutze und mag , aber es ist mir zu langsam und ruckelig (vielleicht habe ich auch zuviel Content?)


Zee (@zyz@mas.to)

Föderation · So 16.07.2023 22:56:00

Playing with the on my .

Q: Does everything in this app have to ? Everywhere? All the time?