Nordnick ­čÉś (nick)

Mi 22.11.2023 15:50:55



I'm working on my own server software... and i try to use with it (with help from someone with an device, as i'm using ).

Suddenly it seems to stop working totally, claiming something like "instance not supported".

How do IceCubes identify supported instances (and supported features)?

I saw something (in the source) like parsing the version number, given by /api/v1/instance... but do you (for example) check also the value given in the header field "Server"?



Nordnick ­čÉś (nick)

Di 31.10.2023 11:21:40



I'm working on an own server software and tried to connect elk.zone to it.

Currently it seems to work, that elk.zone is registered as app and initiates the user login, that should reply with a token.

But then... error.

In my logs, i saw endpoint access from elk.zone using OPTI (OPTIONS) where i expect a HTTP GET, e.g. on timelines.

Confusing... :-)

Tried one OPTI call to an original instance and it answers with a 501 Not Implemented.

Could you maybe clarify and explain, what is going on? Why OPTI?

Thanks. Have a nice day.

heise Security (heisec@social.heise.de)

Mi 11.10.2023 11:46:00

Rapid Reset: Angreifer nutzten L├╝cke in HTTP/2-Protokoll seit August 2023 aus

Eine DDoS-Sicherheitsl├╝cke mit Rekordvolumen im HTTP/2-Protokoll gef├Ąhrdet unz├Ąhlige Server. Erste Sicherheitspatches sind verf├╝gbar.


Verfassungklage (Verfassungklage@mastodon.social)

Sa 01.07.2023 17:17:49

" 2 ESS - PV ├ťberschuss Steuerung - Heizstab ├╝ber / schalten" ...


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