Johannes Ernst (J12t@social.coop)

Fr 01.12.2023 00:30:06

Q: Who are the biggest skeptics of the , and what are their arguments?

Anybody have any pointers?

Hank G ☑️ (hankg@friendica.myportal.social)

Do 30.11.2023 21:33:00

The latest beta of the Relatica mobile and desktop Friendica client, version 0.9.0, has just been released. Along with a slew of small bug fixes and tweaks this release now has a mechanism for viewing, filtering, and exporting the log events generated by the software. This will help users interact with developers (well me right now) in diagnosing problems on their system. This release also has the long requested feature of opening up tag searches on the user's home server not the remote server when they are clicked on. This is available for Apple and Google stores for those in the test program (ping me if you want access) and should have approval in the next 24 hours. Direct downloads for Android, Linux, and Windows are available from the install page.
My Social Portal / Relatica · GitLab

KubikPixel™ (kubikpixel@chaos.social)

Do 30.11.2023 13:24:30

Falls ihr eine zum ansehen von und zu veröffentlichen benötigt, dies noch im (wie zB Mastodon) ist und dich nicht mit belästigt, dann kann ich dir die neue Version von @peertube empfehlen.
– via @gnulinux

📺 gnulinux.ch/peertube-version-6

GNU/Linux.ch (gnulinux@social.anoxinon.de)

Do 30.11.2023 11:00:02

PeerTube Version 6

Für die Videoplattform ist PeerTube 6 erschienen.


We Distribute (wedistribute@mastodon.social)

Do 30.11.2023 02:04:47

, we wrote this because we love you and care about you. People have been saying a lot of things, and we need to get the facts right.


Matthias Klein (matthias@social.klein.ruhr)

Mi 29.11.2023 21:43:58

Leute, was soll ich sagen? Ich bin zurück bei . So nett auch ist, soziale Netzwerke funktionieren für mich einfach nur mit guten Apps. Die gibt es für Firefish leider nach wie vor nicht.

Die Folge, ich habe das nahezu nicht mehr genutzt. Daher nun die Rolle rückwärts.

Matthias ✔ (feb@loma.ml)

Mi 29.11.2023 18:21:13

TeX-Markup in Friendica. Ich bin immer wieder erstaunt wozu Friendica in der Lage ist.

$$\frac {v_1 + v_2}{1 + \frac {v_1 \cdot v_2}{c^2}}$$

$$\frac {1}{\sqrt {1 - \dfrac {2 \cdot G \cdot M} {r \cdot c^2}}}$$

L & = \lim_{|x| \to \infty}\ \frac{\cos \frac 1x \cdot \frac{-1}{x^2}}{\frac{-1}{x^2}}\
& = \lim_{|x| \to \infty} {\cos\frac 1x} \cdot \frac{-1}{x^2} \cdot \frac{x^2}{-1}\
& = \cos\frac 1{\infty} = \cos 0 = 1

Grafische Darstellung mit aktivierten Addon in

(Medien: 1)

stux⚡ (stux@mstdn.social)

Mi 29.11.2023 16:26:20

I think i can speak for most Fedi admins when I say;

On the we care a lot more about (mental) health rather than keeping you on here as long as possible so with that said...

Take a break from your feed every now and then!

Go read a book, take a walk or play a game :ed_grin:

The Fediverse will be here when you'll get back❤️

Flipboard Tech Desk (TechDesk@flipboard.social)

Mi 29.11.2023 14:56:56

A new episode of Dot Social, the first podcast about the open social web, is out! In it, Flipboard CEO @mike chats with ActivityPub co-author @evan about what the protocol unlocks for builders and entrepreneurs, how open-source social networks change our relationships to content and each other, and why any of this matters at all. Learn more and take a listen!


Pixelfed (pixelfed@pixelfed.social)

Mi 29.11.2023 12:26:28

✨ Simple. Focused. Fresh.

A sneak peek of the new
#pixelfed web UI, shipping early 2024.

#pixelfedUI #metro5 #fediverse #design

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