Johannes Ernst (J12t@social.coop)

Do 30.11.2023 22:34:23

Now listening to the second episode of @mike's Dot-Social podcast, this time with @evan, author of the protocol.

They start off by discussing the history of the W3C's ActivityPub standardization effort.

We Distribute (wedistribute@mastodon.social)

Do 30.11.2023 02:04:47

, we wrote this because we love you and care about you. People have been saying a lot of things, and we need to get the facts right.


Flipboard Tech Desk (TechDesk@flipboard.social)

Mi 29.11.2023 14:56:56

A new episode of Dot Social, the first podcast about the open social web, is out! In it, Flipboard CEO @mike chats with ActivityPub co-author @evan about what the protocol unlocks for builders and entrepreneurs, how open-source social networks change our relationships to content and each other, and why any of this matters at all. Learn more and take a listen!


Mike McCue (mike@flipboard.social)

Mi 29.11.2023 04:00:18

Every now and then, technologists are able to translate their strongly held beliefs into action for the benefit of society. Sometimes these actions result in new features, apps or platforms but it's especially powerful when this happens at the protocol level.

In the latest episode of Dot Social I talk with @evan about how he helped get started, how it's going, and what he hopes for next. Check it out here.


smallcircles (Humanity Now 🕊) (smallcircles@social.coop)

Di 28.11.2023 15:06:11

On my backlog of / related projects to add to delightful.club are now:

- 31 server apps
- 10 clients
- 65 developer resources

*sigh* 😩

Anyone wanna help PR them to ?

Sandro Santilli (strk@mastodon.uno)

Sa 25.11.2023 12:53:57

Non ho ancora capito cos'è c'è dentro un post - possibile che nessuno dei client che ho provato fino ad ora (quella web ufficiale, la app ufficiale di android, ) abbia un "view source" ? Forse le API per i client non prevedono l'invio del messaggio raw ?

C'è da dire anche che non mi sono prodigato troppo per capirlo: è tanto più facile (e meno efficace) chiedere agli altri...

Andy Piper (andypiper@macaw.social)

Di 21.11.2023 21:48:28

I'm late catching up on @linuxmatters but this is a very nice
episode - particularly if, like me, you are interested in @marxjohnson adventures in linuxmatters.sh/16/

Flipboard (Flipboard@flipboard.social)

Di 21.11.2023 17:01:56

Our CEO, @mike just launched a new podcast series titled "Dot Social" to explore the evolution of the internet and how new open standards, like , can forever change the web and the world of social media.

Guests include:

More info & episode 1 at about.flipboard.com/inside-fli

Strypey (strypey@mastodon.nzoss.nz)

Mo 20.11.2023 09:45:41

A lot of the discussion about improving the focuses on server-to-server federation (S2S). But that's only half of what ActivityPub standardises. I'm thinking it's more urgent to extend and improve the server-to-client (S2C) half of the AP spec.

Most fediverse software only supports the Mastodon C2S API. That's only going to change if the AP S2C API solves problems the Mastodon one doesn't or can't.

Travis Briggs (audiodude@sfba.social)

So 19.11.2023 05:12:21

Okay I need help from someone who understands ActivityPub better than I do.

I have set up an "account" for my digital garden, you can see it here:


mastodon.social pulls in the name and bio and avatar, which is great. The data is provided by webfinger: travisbriggs.com/.well-known/w

and this: travisbriggs.com/digital.garde

I also set up an "outbox" for the account, at travisbriggs.com/outbox

Now when I look at the "user" on mastodon.social, it says there are 74 posts. But it invites me to "Browse more on the original profile" and that link just downloads the digital.garden.json file.

How do I get a Mastadon server to pull in the data from the outbox as a status?

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