Nordnick 🐘

Nordnick 🐘 (@nick)

Whalebird · Fr 12.04.2024 13:01:14

Hi @IceCubesApp@mastodon.online

Maybe @P0llyticks@norden.social and me just have discovered an issue in .

Your app offers a special option to add more than one reply, right?

And removes the mentions, as it looks like? To avoid duplicate notifications, i would assume.

And now to the issue: is doing this removal of mentions also on posts with visibility "mentions only" (aka direct). This then leads to a post, that is only visible to the creator of it. More or less useless, if you don't want to talk to your self... ;-)

Could you confirm and maybe fix this?

Thanks in advance.


Nordnick 🐘

Nordnick 🐘 (@nick)

Whalebird · Do 18.04.2024 08:18:43

@IceCubesApp@mastodon.online @dimillian@mastodon.social

Btw.: This could be also an effect, when replying to a "Followers only" post, if this includes a mentioned non-follower...

@nick@norden.social @P0llyticks@norden.social